Progress in Pediatric Oncology is one of the biggest success stories in oncology in the last millennium. The 5-year survival for all pediatric cancers is now 75-80%. The outlook of pediatric oncology in India is humanizing with the scientific advances and an aware parent. There was a time when diagnosing cancer in a child was akin to passing a death sentence for the child and an emotional mayhem for the mother and a financial disaster for the father. Only the higher strata of the society could afford to take their children to the foreign shores and get treatment.

We have made steady progress in the last few decades. With competent teachers, dedicated doctors and resourceful philanthropists we have brought the state of the art treatment modules and therapy to the afflicted children of our state and country at large; well within the reach of the common man.

The three main pillars of this speciality are: Patience, Persistence and Perseverance on the part of the parents and the treating pediatric oncologist.

Steps for Successful Treatment

  • HAVING HOPE is the first step. A successful outcome is obtainable for almost all types of cancers. You have to just have to take the first step.
  • CONVICTION AND CONFIDENCE in your doctor. Treating cancer is a long battle with many frontal assaults by the cancer cells on the frail body of the child. The finest physician best results are not complete without the superlative efforts of the parents.
  • TRUST THE TIME TABLE The protocols and drug delivery dates have to be followed in letter and spirit. One day has 24 hours and the delay of 1440 minutes can be the difference between a complete cure and failure of therapy.
  • FEAR THE FEVER Do not take the fever of the child lightly. The infection fighting capability (febrile neutropenia) of the child is diminished due to the cancer and the chemotherapy. Urgent admission to the hospital and initiating intra venous antibiotics will make the difference between life and death.
  • CONSULT THE CONSULTANT Discuss in detail your doubts, worries, and queries with the pediatric oncologist. Retain and repeatedly refer to the instructions given.